Beer day: discover 3 beauty tips!

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Did you know that today is beer day? The best thing is that it happens in the summer: there’s nothing better to drink a cold beer under the sun! But remember, you have to drink responsibly! Beer, in fact, is a very good beauty ally. Even Bella Hadid, during her latest trip to Frankfurt, had some relaxing time drinking a beer! If you want to be as beautiful as her, listen to these three beauty tips about beer!



It’s good on hair

Did you know that Carlsberg, one of the biggest beer company in the world, launched some time ago a haircare line containing beer? Oh yes, beer is so good for our hair, especially blonde ones, because its ingredients are natural lighteners. If you want to enhance your hair colour, you can use beer in a nutrient hair mask, mixed with honey and yoghurt, or use it to rinse hair after shampoo and conditioner.

It’s good on the skin

We’re sure beer will become your number one beauty ally this summer. Now we’re telling you why. Every woman, in the summertime, has to deal with dry feet, an annoying problem especially when we were sandals and slides. Beer is a natural remedy to it: mix a glass of beer with 400 ml of mint infusion and leave your feet there for 15 minutes. It would be very easy to get rid of dull cells with the pumice stone! Thanks to its natural exfoliating properties, it’s also very good on the facial skin, that’s why you can put some beer in your favourite natural face scrub.


It’s good on the entire body

Beer is not only good for your skin and hair. If taken in moderation and responsibly, it can help us fight against aging. According to some recent studies, in fact, xanthohumol, an active component present in hops, would have a protective effect on the heart and brain cells, helping to prevent damage related to diseases such as Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s and tumors. Moreover, thanks to the strong presence of a mineral such as silicon, it helps to strengthen the connective tissues that make up the bones.